I let Julie out front when I got home today but he was hunkering down because the angry birds were chirping at him.  The other cats went inside at this, but Julie was made of slightly sterner stuff and stayed.

I stood next to him and he relaxed some and started moving about.  I was glad enough he was ignoring the birds, but this meant that he decided to stick right by me, making picture taking harder.

I got this one by sitting down.  When the neighbor drove his car home and was getting out I managed to get him squared away for a picture with no squinting.

When there are no distractions, he likes the lawn.  It is good for rubbing on, and good for eating and puking up breakfast with 18 hours later.

This morning I saw a roughed up lizard that Julie must have caught in the last day or so, and when I picked it up it was alive!  I carefully put it outside and felt a hero.  But this evening the fellow was about 5 inches away from where I left him.  Oh well.

Calla had a good time out back once it was dark enough for the birds to go to bed.  Gus just can chill out where the birds don’t go…

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10 Responses to Protector

  1. karmami says:

    such a lovely cat


  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    They are both beautiful and Calla is looking for a belly rub.


  3. fozziemum says:

    Beautiful my babies miss grass…still struggling to grow some..we do a good rock though 😉


    • Oldcat says:

      Maybe you can get a cat-bed sized box or two and make a mini lawn that you can move into the shade and water all it needs.


      • fozziemum says:

        We through some bizarre miracle are sprouting grass now!! the dogs are way excited and the cats are very pleased,now they can vomit up some greenery with their meals ..hahahaha. Great idea and we were going to get a big turf area laid if the grass didn’t grow..ah the jos of the country 🙂


  4. A wide eyed Julie is always a treat. And him rolling on the lawn is adorable!
    Gus looks so long! And cute! I just want to rub that adorable tum tum!!


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