Shoe In

Julie was the first to get into the shoebox, but Calla of course was just behind.  She often uses it after he gets up, and when she leaves he often takes it back.  This is at least better than in past years, where Julie would not go back to a favorite spot that Calla used.

There’s such a thing as too polite.

She fits in pretty comfortably, although today is leaking out in order to rest her head on the sandals.  Like a lot of cats, mine like to hang out near my shoes when I’m not wearing them.

Calla is pretty comfy in the box.  Today she was content to sleep within a foot of Gus who was keeping company with another pair of sandals.  He has since moved on to a pair of sneakers.

I guess I need to put away some of these shoes.

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2 Responses to Shoe In

  1. I don’t know.. You have three cats, you should have three pairs of shoes/sandals sitting around at all times so they each have a pair! then again… you could have dozens of shoes so they all get a choice!
    That’s a great box, useable two ways, whoo hoo!


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