Fourth of July

A very pleasant day for the holiday, and the cats enjoyed having the back door open the entire day. Julie managed to bring home a pair of lizards, sadly only one made it and was re-released outside.

I did some gardening too, or rather ‘anti-gardening’.  I trimmed and cut down some of the wildly growing plants to try and recover some of the old hangouts that the cats used to use.  This shot amuses me because Calla is being so careful not to sit on one tiny bit of the sad remnant of a ground cover plant that I planted a few years ago.  The other plants you can see are ‘wild’, having grown from airblown seeds or from invading vines from the front yard.

Gus and Julie were out too without any friction.

I filled a few baskets with cuttings of the grass and bushes too.  Calla and Gus aren’t fans of walking in the grass.  Calla does like biting the leaves, though.

This was a nice magazine cover shot.  The evening breeze kept ruffling her hair like a photo shoot.

In the evening there was the usual fireworks.  Only Julie seemed to be really nervous about them, moving out into the garage when they went off.  The others only even looked around some when a close and loud one went off.

Aside from the usual biting of Julie, Gus has been very well behaved these days.  He is interacting very well with Calla – neither being too forward or too retiring around her.  Even when she is trying to drink from the ice bowl he is guarding.

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4 Responses to Fourth of July

  1. Calla has got to be happy you’re reclaiming some of the spots she’s been pointing out by sitting in the last little bits of the areas! Her passive aggressive bit worked rather well. (you know, like “oh I’ll just sit here in the dark, don’t worry about changing the light bulb, I’ll be fine..” hee hee)
    Glad Gus is being a good boy, and I find it funny that he guards the ice water bowl but still lets Calla drink from it? MOL


    • Oldcat says:

      He sniffed at her side but that’s all, and she shifted some to be able to peek at him, but he then sat and watched politely and she didn’t spit at him.


  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    Looks like the kitties had a good day. My Ali hid under the bed on her blanket all day.


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