Versatile Cats


As I alluded to yesterday, the first item of business is to thank fozziemum from the blog  fozzie.m for The Versatile Blogger Award!  Thanks for thinking of us when making up your list!

One of the rules is to give seven ‘fun facts’…

  1. I recently purchased one of those robot vacuums to clean the floors.  So far it has done a surprisingly good job of working its way out of jams when it runs into some of the clutter in the place.  The cats seem to be less afraid of it than they are of the big vac that I push around so far.  They stalk around the room after it gets turned off looking for what had been moving about.
  2. The little pocket valley I live in has some interesting history.  It was an area the Chumash Indians lived in.  I took a guided hike this weekend given by the museum there and we saw some rock paintings that are dated to 3000 years ago.  One was a swordfish, and there was one in a birthing cave that was a water strider bug.
  3. There was also a rock slab that had some ground out indentations marking star patterns. Or it was an ancient billiards table.
  4. I saw my fourth deer in the Chumash park on the hike back.  The guide also mentioned that a mountain lion had taken down a deer in the area a while back.  It gets wild pretty fast in these parts, that’s only about 2.5 miles away from here.
  5. There is apparently an endangered ant species in this valley – Red Velvet Ants.  Which aren’t ants, but wasps.  Also known as “Cow Killer” because of the painful stings.  Haven’t seen one yet!
  6. Apparently the Chumash off the coast on the islands were sneaky fellows.  They cut up shells and drilled out the center for use as money and traded it to the inland tribes and elsewhere in the area.  They kept the fact that the shells are just laying about a family secret.
  7. A find on an island of a Chumash buried with his dog about 10000 years ago is one of the oldest demonstrations of pets known.  There is speculation that a pet cat did it.

Calla better be careful sitting just in that spot.  There is a pop-up sprinkler head right there….

I was able to get her fairly worked up with this dry straw toy over the last few days, if less successful getting a good picture of it.   Then Julie came up to play and bit it into parts in a matter of minutes.  The boy always takes it up to 11.

He’s not really ashamed of his extreme style.  He was a little ashamed of stealing Calla’s spot.  When she came back out and saw him on it, he gave it right back and sat elsewhere, guarding the perimeter.


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4 Responses to Versatile Cats

  1. fozziemum says:

    Firstly you are most welcome 🙂 secondly what beautiful pictures…how regal are our felines hehee…and thirdly I reckon a robot vacuum would get eaten by Forrest in about three seconds hahaha..what an amazing area you live in and to have such finds is always great…don’t you love knowing we are really here for such a miniscule time in the grand scheme of things!!! which makes me wonder even more why people can be so horrid to each other…hence my preference for the four-legged species…present company of course excluded 🙂
    Fozziemum 🙂 x


  2. Good 7 fun facts and love the photos of Calla and Julie.


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    That sounds like a very interesting history in your area. I like the Chumash idea of currency and your speculation about the ancient pet. I’m pretty sure Julie would have fitted in with no problem! Congrats on your award by the way! Love the straw pic and Calla’s ferocious cuteness!


  4. Congratulations on your award! Thought I’m not sure facts about bugs qualify as ‘fun’.. *shudder* MOL
    How sweet of Julie to give Calla back her spot, and what a shame he can’t give her back her toy! Guess you need to find her a new one, hmm?

    By the way, we gave you an award today too! lol


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