Sunday Photos

I’m a bit stuck for a title today.  With the whole weekend taken up showing pictures of Friday, the pictures from Sunday are coming out late.  I’ve forgotten a little of the situations even just a little bit later.

This is cute – Calla had tucked herself into the nook under the bush, covered by one of my lame Lantana bushes.  The color in the corner is a cluster of flowers.  It is interesting how the whiskers show through the blurred flower in front.

At about the same time Gus was lying flat on a rock and wouldn’t look up.  Julie then trotted right past him towards me right past him and Gus had to raise his head and give an indignant look to Julius.  The sun was getting low so I had the fill in flash going and sadly one eye got lit up.

This is from a bit earlier, I think.  Calla is on the brick border of the planter area, her usual spot.  She looks like she has a fur-lined hood like an Eskimo

I mentioned this incident yesterday.  I put some catnip in the box so that the cats could sit in the bed and smell it.  Gus decided to sit next to the box, and then he grabbed the side and pulled nearly all the catnip onto his head and body

Silly fellow.

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5 Responses to Sunday Photos

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Mr. Gus is old. He doesn’t have time to wait around, he needs his nip now!

    Calla gots her own parka.


  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    That fella loves his nip. Sweet kitties.


  3. That first picture is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Poster/calendar worthy!
    Gus is a goofy boy! All your nip are belong to him! MOL


  4. littlemiao says:

    Gus is catnipped!

    Love the Calla photos


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