Small Walks

Calla coming back in from her constitutional out back.  She strolls out to the brick border on the right around the corner and sits out there a while then comes back in.

I took my own walk again – this time I drove out to the trailhead at Wildwood Park just to the west a few miles.  I didn’t think I would do anything too tough, but I ended up doing 5 miles.  Much of it was more or less flat.

The park was where a lot of westerns were filmed in the 50s – Gunsmoke, for one.  The butte – like hills to the north sure do look familiar.  This whole area is a large plateau near the sea – you can really tell this when you drive west and the highway drops nearly a thousand feet to sea level in a couple of miles.  At the edge of this park is a gorge that the paths skirt that is very deep with vertical sides emptying out north through a split in the hills into the Santa Rosa valley.  Great views, although at times you really notice that the dirt trail is at the very edge of a huge drop.  There was one place where there was a split in the ground making a fissure showing you that the whole trail was on an overhang.

So this part was all pretty much flat but I wanted to get to this waterfall called Paradise Falls.  I know what they mean – a stream with actual water in it is so alien to this part of the country in the summer.  It is in another gorge that a path circles around and heads down into.  It is fairly steep, and the last part had to be hacked out of rock on one side of the stream.

There were a lot more people on the trails than the ones I have been frequenting.  Sometimes that’s nice.  There was a horse and rider coming back as I was going out, which was cool.

I got home early enough that everyone got to go outside in back.

Some just liked having the door open for the breezes.

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5 Responses to Small Walks

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Sounds like amazing scenery around there, and very different from our own. Nice pics of Gus and Calla, especially the cute tongue ‘who, me?’


  2. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    That sounds like a wonderfully relaxing walk, both physically and mentally.. Kitties makes my heart smile as usual and Calla has the most amazing eyes.


  3. Sounds like an awesome walk, but I’m with Gus, cool breezes and naps! MOL
    I love Julie photobombing Calla’s walk in the first picture! Is he checking out where she’d just been?


  4. fozziemum says:

    Sounds like the heat is still with you.but what a lovely day you seem to have had ..Hugs Fozziemum xx


  5. Lurkertype says:

    I’m definitely more with Mr. Gus than with hiking or even strolling.

    Miss Calla perfectly defines the constitutional, though.


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