Vet Visit

Gus had a checkup this morning which was something of a trial.  Unlike the usual visit, this time they were pretty stacked up and slow in getting through.  And the computers in the exam rooms were down, so whenever there was a question the doctor had to dash off to another room.  And it was a new doctor, too.

He was actually grumpy in the exam, even snapping and hissing at the vet once.  I think he was just testy because of how long it all was taking.  And there was more overall noise in the office too.

At least he didn’t throw up in the car on the ride home like he has the last three or four times.

This little bit of a bird egg was found below the eaves of the house in the back yard.  It looks like it hatched out a chick ok, and there isn’t one lying next door.  It is about the size of the end joint on your thumb.  I couldn’t see any nest – maybe it is up on top of the roof tiles.

No, Calla did not eat any birds.  Or eggs.

I did mention the issue with the bad communicating doctor and it turns out there is a second doctor who does this kind of work in the city, who did it for the doctor’s own cat.  So that is something to think about in a few months.

Gus has been pretty frisky this evening. He went out back and sniffed around, and just yowled at me enough to make me let him out the front for a quick stroll down the front walkway and back.

Perhaps soon I can trust his nerves enough to be able to put the carrier away without him freaking out.

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3 Responses to Vet Visit

  1. Aw poor Gus Gus, that sounds like a stressful trip! I hope the news was good?
    Love the picture of Calla’s tongue, what a silly girl!


  2. Poor Gus – I hate it when the clinic is backed up or overly busy and my own kids have to wait……hopefully that’s the last visit for a while.


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