Head East

This week’s walkabout was directly east up the valley to the end.  This picture is where I turned back at the point the path more or less hit the high point.  The area beyond is called “China Flat” but I would have had to have an earlier start to go on.

The little bench overlook on the left is one of the four I’ve found so far.  A second is on the trail that leads along the top of that dark ridge extending from the middle to the left.  This ridge forms the south border of this part of the valley.  Behind it there is a canyon called Skeleton Canyon that has a road going south to the main part of the city.

Each of the times I’ve gone on it I had walked from home (about a mile beyond the rise on the right that looks brownish, behind it).  This time I drove to the trailhead where that light spot is at the base of the large ridge.  That saves some walking.

You can see the trail to get here on the left edge in the foreground, then on the near right to the next ridge, then in the center.  It ends up in those light houses at the base of the south ridge.

The mountains in the far distance, across the Conejo valley, are the Santa Monica mountains that go right up to the ocean.  That area had the wildfires last spring.

I changed to an old pair of shoes I had bought years ago for winters in Chicago for this hike and overall they were better than my newer shoes – harder soles worked better on rocks and held the feet in place better.  I probably need some new insoles as the feet did get sore after the hiking.  Those things are pricey.

There is a trail from China flat to “Mt Simi”, a 2000 foot peak a few miles on.  I want to do that sometime.

On the walk back, since it was almost evening, there was a tad more wildlife moving about.  I saw a dozen or so small quail in a covey ahead as I came down the trail.

I’m not sure what Julie would do with a bird that doesn’t fly off – or make loud chirps.

Today at the neighborhood restaurant I saw something unusual.  I was on the patio and someone left but instead of getting into a car, he got on his horse that he had tethered about a dozen feet from where I was sitting.  He got on and rode off.

The only stranger thing I have seen (twice, actually) is a fellow in Simi Valley walking his tortoise in the afternoon.  It was a large fellow, took up half the sidewalk.  I’m not sure where the guy lived but it was not that close to any houses.

When I let the cats out only Julie was carefree since there were some people in the pool area.  This puts a damper on Gus and Calla roaming about, but Julie will go to the lawn regardless.


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4 Responses to Head East

  1. That first picture is very Wild Hunter! Gus is so sweet! And that last picture, oh my gosh cute! I love it!
    Sounds like you had a good walk!
    We gived you an awardee!


  2. Lurkertype says:

    I quail (ha ha) at the price every time I buy new insoles, but it’s so worth it. I need to get some myself. As much as you walk, good insoles are an investment in less foot pain. Your feet will thank you now, and in 20 years — plus it keeps your knees, hips, and back happy.

    Kitties have those built-in cushions on their feet, of course, even if Mr. Gus doesn’t use them much in his old age.


    • Oldcat says:

      I was getting little calluses on the side of the baby toe from the gym shoes I was wearing – when going downhill the foot would slide forward into the front and squish some. So far the feet just get somewhat sore from the pounding so insoles should help. The shoes I have now seem to help the toe crunch issue a lot. There was also a bit less stiffness in the middle bones due to less flexing on uneven rocks and stuff.

      I may eventually pick up official uber hiker shoes at some point.


      • Lurkertype says:

        With all your trail walking, you might as well go with actual hiking boots, yes. With good insoles.

        The older I get, the more I appreciate comfy shoes. I’ve spent too much time having my foot slide forward as well. Insoles help that, too.


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