Adventure Day

…if going out in the back yard is considered an adventure, we had an adventure today.  I got this long shot across the width of the back yard with the zoom.  The light was a bit off because of sunset, but I like the natural bleaching out of color due to the way the picture was taken.  The auto-flash gave her some eye glow but I like it anyway.  Very poster-y.

While I was there a hummingbird made a quick check of the situation, staying high enough to be out of the way of any energetic cat.  Perhaps 4 or 5 feet up.

At one point Calla came out to get a rub against a handy – or rather footy object….

We can see her opinion of the experience….

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6 Responses to Adventure Day

  1. You caught that hummingbird in mid flight and got his wings? Great camera shot!
    Calla’s toe rub and reaction… MOL! Cute!


  2. MOL! Calla did that foot smell?? 😉 That was quite the adventure! Great shot of that hummer.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Great shot of the hummer!


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