Finally Back Out Back

“Cue Dramatic Music”

I had been having trouble getting home for pictures this week and had been running low.  Today I got home and we all sat outside in our usual group, especially since there were neighbors in the pool – which keeps Julie from vaulting the wall and exploring.

She looks like she is posing for a statue to be put on a pedestal in the local park.

Julie took a break from his normal sentry position to take some chews at the camera strap. I was sure that he was going to cut it in half there was so much squeaking and creaking as his big teeth went into the cord.  But it survived!

When Gus comes out to join us, he fixes his eyes on mine from across the yard and doesn’t change focus as he moves in.  Only if he’s passing Calla does he break the gaze-lock and pause and flinch.

He’s either coming for your soul…or to get a skritch and sit and purr next to you.  But you don’t know which!

I love it when she gets yawny and stretchy instead of round and fluffy.

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7 Responses to Finally Back Out Back

  1. Meekucat says:

    Intense photos! I especially like the one of gus coming for your soul lol : )
    Is julie a ragdoll type of cat? Stunning pretty girl kitty.


    • Oldcat says:

      Julie is a “mutt” rather than a pure bred of any type. But his fur type (long but no undercoat) and personality make me think he is closer to Somali, which is a long haired Abyssinian. He is a bit too intense about the things he wants to match well with the mild mannered Ragdoll, and his hair, while long, lies flat except on the tail.

      Regular cats can have any of the characters of the breeds – the breeds are made from regular cats, they can’t create the purebred traits from nothing.


      • The way I read that, you think Julie is the girl kitty? Julie is the boy in the second picture. Calla is the pretty girl in the first. Or did I miss read the question? Because I always think Calla looks like a ragdoll too.


      • Oldcat says:

        Calla is a Himalayan Persian with white. Ragdoll body types are less stocky (with cats it is called “cobby”) and longer legs. A Ragdoll is built more like Gus, with the fur colors more like Calla. Ragdolls don’t have to have the “tuxie” white spotting pattern, but a lot do.


  2. Gus can have my soul! hee hee, or scritches, I’d give that sweetie anything he wanted! And I totally think Calla should get a statue!! Julie has fierce teeth, you’re lucky to still have a camera strap! But I know those sounds you’re talking about, that’s the same ones I hear when Leo chews his stringy!


  3. Oh we like those pictures! ‘Specially Julie eating that flashy box cord!


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