Evening Breezes

It has been a bit warm and stuffy the last few days and the cats all want to get out after I get home from work and catch the daily sea breeze to cool off and feel better.  Again, I went outside and the three cats were out in a triangle in on the rocks, although for variety Calla was at the other end of the brick border from her usual spot.

This made taking pictures trickier since I had to avoid having the focus lock on twigs or leaves in the foreground.  When you do that, they look pretty cool.

Gus was out and really enjoying the breeze.  He was also poking at some nearby twigs and even ants that came nearby.

Just for fun Calla moved back to her normal haunts in the yard and gave me a closeup.

I forget what got Julie on the alert here…he’s ready for action though.

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4 Responses to Evening Breezes

  1. Two shots of Calla, her eyes look different in each but gorgeous in both!
    Gus looks so relaxed!
    Julie with his eyes open wide, no squints! He’s so cute!


  2. What great pictures!


  3. Geraldine says:

    Following your blog now. 🙂


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