Saturday Date?

Another hot day and another day the cats were all out in a cluster in the cool breeze.  Again Julius popped up to say hello, but I was quicker this time and got him before he moved much.

Anyone want a date with Gus?  He has flowers for you…

Cats sometimes pick the oddest places to sleep.  Julie barely fits on the stairs.

Grumpy girl is grumpy.

Julius hanging out at watchpost 1, at the very front of the front lawn.


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4 Responses to Saturday Date?

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Gus, Purdey will take up your offer! She’s packing right now (well, no, that’s not true, she’s asleep, but dreaming about it!) Love the pics of Calla and Julie too.


  2. nadbugs says:

    Cat triangle! You know about the Karpman triangle? Check it out.


  3. Two good face forward pictures of Julie, three if you count the sleepy one! And he’s not squinting in the two where he’s awake! Whoo hoo!
    I take Gus up on his offer! I wanna snuggle him!!!!
    Love the three of them on the path, each to their own spot, very cute!


  4. We bet the ladycats are lining up for a date with Gus. 🙂


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