Tears of a Gus…

The grey or white hairs under Gus’ eyes sometimes make him look like he’s crying.

Calla has the most expensive scratching post in the world!

I took this for the reverse stretch and tail curl…but look at that jaw gape on the far left!  Yikes!!

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Engineer with Cats
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4 Responses to Tears of a Gus…

  1. That does look like tears on Gus!
    Love Calla’s scratching post, lol, Leo uses the inside wall corners.. Rough on newish paint.
    Are you sure her jaws are open? I would swear her chin is raised..


    • Oldcat says:

      Her nose is raised….her chin is down low.

      After the picture I noticed she was doing a Fizzgig yawn too. I’m pretty sure what you think is chin is really her whisker-cheek and upper jawline.


  2. Ok, I believe you, that does look like just whisker humps up top. That girl can YAWN!


  3. The last stretched picture really made me laugh 🙂 gorgeous photos xxx


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