Fade to Grey

I got home from work a bit later and noticed right away that it is getting pretty dim in the evening if I don’t hurry up and get picture taking.  And since it was very cool again it was almost too cold for anyone without a fir coat.

I’m going to have to relearn taking indoor pictures soon enough.

Calla obliged me with another Fizzgig today which should work to show doubters about yesterday’s rear view that my guess was correct.  If her mouth was closed, you should be able to see her pink lipline in the view.

Julie on initial patrol after I went outside.  He was a bit annoyed at having to come in so soon.   He’s doing that thing where any movement even vaguely close to being toward a door means he must dash to the entrance and look 110 percent ready to go out.

Calla is so serious most of the time.  I can hardly ever get a shot of her running about like a maniac.  But she does every so often.


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5 Responses to Fade to Grey

  1. I believe you I believe you!! lol! That girl can seriously yawn! You can practically see her appendix! Does she yawn every time she steps out like she’s gotta breath in that outdoor air?
    Julie’s fur is looking especially long and silky today!
    Ya know, I don’t think Calla looks serious or moody as much as she looks demure, she’s a sweet little lady who’s not ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille, hee hee!


  2. rmudge says:

    Your cats are beautiful! I love those blue eyes!


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