More Weekend Photos

It warmed up the last few days sufficiently for the evenings to be really pleasant.  Today when I went out to find everyone when Julie came home, even Gus was inside.  I think he was in the little spot by the small tree I photographed him in last week.

He seems to enjoy hanging out in Calla’s vicinity as long as she doesn’t give him the stink-eye.

The other day Julie brought home a little lizard and kept dropping it and chasing it about the downstairs.  It ended up getting away and hiding under some furniture, but I don’t hold out much hope that it will escape for good.  Poor fellow.

Normally I come home one day and find where someone has nabbed it and worried it to death.

I like the ‘break’ – the curve in her nose.  Then she has a tuft of dense fur right in the center of the forehead that looks nice from this way but sometimes makes her look like she is scowling from the front.

Like this one!

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6 Responses to More Weekend Photos

  1. They’re beautiful. I love the curve of the nose too, looks a bit like a hawknose, like -Granny-… people have…sometimes. Pawkisses 🙂


  2. You just have to pet that fur back more, I’m sure she’ll love that. lol Actually, Star loves when her daddy pets her nose and between her eyes. Me, she’ll threaten to bite! Calla does have an adorable up tilted nose there!


  3. Beautiful Kitties! Did they get that lizard?



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