Odds and Sods

Something’s been missing for a bit…so I dug back and found a picture of Gus. Miss him?

I have no idea how “Long Cat” Julie can fit into this box so comfortably.  But both he and Calla manage to fit inside.

Pretty Girl…

Handsome fellow…

Look out for the pine needles!

I got a Facebook-a-lanche today, and I have no idea why so many are coming from there and going to the Fun with Genetics page.  Google doesn’t pick up Facebook – I don’t even know if you can search on Facebook.  Curious.

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Engineer with Cats
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4 Responses to Odds and Sods

  1. My, how handsome you Kitties are!!! I’m looking fur boyfriend #689,214… ( just in case)….

    Shrimp (purrs)….


  2. If there’s a box, there’s a way to fit 😉


  3. Julie is a holo-cat, only as much as fits shows, the rest disappears when he’s in a box! Hi Gus Gus! Yes we missed you!
    Yes, you can search on facebook.


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