Paint Day

Another queer and disturbing day today for the cats.  The painting crew that is working the house showed up at about 7 and started covering the windows with plastic sheeting.  It is a little odd doing your morning routine with a bunch of people right outside your window…especially on the second story.

Julie was the ultra chicken and ducked under the bed from the start.

Calla was a lot braver – she got away from the windows but kept her eye on the situation upstairs.

I was worried that Gus would be very afraid too but he was surprisingly calm.  When they got too noisy or close he would go behind the kitchen island to be out of sight but was otherwise unfazed.

A strange week all around but it doesn’t get much better for them.  I hope they are a little less freaked out by their boarding stay this time.  They go in tomorrow afternoon.

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3 Responses to Paint Day

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Wonder what bad habit Calla will pick up this time?

    Mr. Gus knows this too will pass.


  2. digitalgranny says:

    Guys is supervizing.


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