Alarms and Excursions

The day I travelled back I ended up getting up at 3 AM local time, or midnight here so I was a bit worn down.  Imagine my delight when I got woken up at about three AM this morning by a piercing alarm sound.

The problem was I couldn’t figure out what it was – I apparently have no directional sense for high pitched sound.  It would go for a few seconds, then stop for some minutes.  In the end I disassembled both of the Carbon Monoxide alarms and it still happened.  Then I actually got a direction sense and it was the smoke alarm built into the house.

I had a similar thing happen a week or two ago with one of the monoxide alarms, and it stopped when I replaced the battery.  Well, the smoke alarm was built in and has no battery.

I finally had to disassemble the entire alarm to get a little rest.

Julie in the Sun

So one new job I had to do was get a new alarm, and install it, as well as put the other alarms back together.  I have one CO alarm to plug in and install the battery backup yet to do.

Gus and Calla

After the trip to get the stuff, I let the cats go hang out with me in the back yard now that the painters have finally (I think) moved down the street some.  So another job is to put all the junk in the back yard back where it was, or get rid of it.

I was facing into the sun somewhat, so there are some lens flare effects that you can decide are ‘artistic’ or ‘awful’.

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7 Responses to Alarms and Excursions

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Hope you are getting some rest now! The first pic is interesting – a green orb, lovely expression on Calla, and Julie’s bum – what’s not to like?!


  2. digitalgranny says:

    Always enjoy photos of your fur kids.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Re: alarms that won’t turn off in the night: “HULK SMASH!!!”


  4. catsonleads says:

    Your cats still look beautiful no matter what light the pics are taken x


  5. Anne Daigle says:

    The same thing happened with a wired-in smoke alarm at our house. The company said that they go off because of dust. Luckily it happened in the daylight.


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