Up Close and Annoying…

Annoying Calla seems to be this week’s theme.  Early early this morning I woke up and soon heard some kitty thundering in the hallway outside the bedroom followed by Calla hissing a couple of times.

Turns out Julie was chasing or swatting at her a bit.

So today I needed some new pictures and I plopped her down and tried to get a real close up with the small camera at its least zoomed setting.  This tended to flash right in her face, as you can tell from the increasingly annoyed looks…

What is this!

Note the clenched teeth…

Too close – it could not quite focus.

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3 Responses to Up Close and Annoying…

  1. kimkiminy says:



  2. Anne Daigle says:

    The eyes show up really well.


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