Thank You All for Your Kindness

 (these pictures are from May 2013)

I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful messages over the last few days.  They have been a great help to me at this time.  I know that it is hard to write them sometimes, so I appreciate the effort in even the simplest words.  It helps to know that you love Calpurnia too.

There were several messages from cat lovers who had never come across the blog and were suffering from the recent loss of their own loved pets – Ginger Jasper’s parents, for example.  Those were especially touching for me.

Some day soon we will be able to look at her pictures and talk about her without the tears. And some day there will be three cats in the yard again.

Thank you everybody.  You are wonderful.


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10 Responses to Thank You All for Your Kindness

  1. I’m so sorry. The human and I are keeping you in prayer.



  2. suzie81 says:

    So sorry for your loss…


  3. My thoughts go out to u at this difficullt


  4. Big hugs from us in UK xxx


  5. Anne d says:

    Such a Beauty. To have been able to care for, admire, and pet that beautiful creature was a gift.


  6. digitalgranny says:

    Hugs from the Washington Coast and the home of Ali the princess who rules our heart


  7. I’m still thinking about you, as HMC’s loss is still fresh in my memory. Many hugs to you.


  8. quirkyartist says:

    So sorry that you have lost your beautoful girl. I think she was the most beautiful girl in the world and I loved to see her face. You will miss her dreadfully, but I will miss her also.


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