Friday Summary

One good thing about having a sore eye and the weather being cold and windy is that Julie is at least he isn’t pestering me about going outside.  Perhaps if the eye were fine or the weather was fine, it would be a different story.

Gus was in a foul mood because I took an opportunity to cut out some more mats.  He got tired of that pretty quick.

I managed to get some drops in Julie’s eyes without a lot of resistance.  He is still tearing up somewhat.  Part of that is when the medicine runs out of the eye.  Then he cleans himself up and looks almost normal.  A bit later he’s got tears again.

It is still early yet but the drops seem to at least give some temporary relief.

Eventually Gus relaxed after his chop-job haircut.  The kitty treats I slipped him afterward helped somewhat.

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5 Responses to Friday Summary

  1. Hope Julie’s eye is better. Our old tom (neutered) used to love getting into fights, some of them quite nasty. One night he came home with a scratched eye, and like Julie was prescribed antibiotic eye drops. He did NOT like taking meds at all and would put up a heckuva fight until our vet showed us how to wrap him like a burrito in an old bath towel. Not that he ever thanked me for it! I actually still have a scar on the inside of my arm to show for my efforts.


    • Oldcat says:

      Julie is not so resistant although he will put a front paw up and push your hand away with the claws out a little for emphasis. So far he has not been very tough to work with.


  2. We hope everyone is back to normal soon.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    I hope Julie’s eyes clear up soon! Is it both eyes?


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