I was a bit worried this morning because Julie’s eye seemed teary, but today’s application of eyedrops seems to have improved things a lot.  He even felt up to going outside in the afternoon.

Julie always looks a bit wild on the wall…cool weather makes him look even more so.

I managed to get the timing right when he yawned…the direction, not so much.

The drops make him sneeze every so often which can interfere with napping.

But there’s one way a clever cat can solve that problem…drops can’t flow uphill.


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10 Responses to Improvement

  1. digitalgranny says:

    he looks so peaceful sleeping and what a sweet guy.


  2. Star Wise says:

    Glad to hear Julie is better. Keep on going on Julie. Hugzz


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    That’s good news!


  4. Pawkiss for healing 🙂


  5. Upside down Julie is adorable. Glad he’s starting to feel a little better, hope the recovery keeps up


  6. nadbugs says:

    Strategy upside-down excellent.


  7. littlemiao says:

    I’m glad he’s starting to do better!


  8. weggieboy says:

    The eye does look better! Your patience and efforts are well rewarded, and Julie will be OK!


  9. digitalgranny says:

    Awww sweet boy.


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