I like how the zoom lens has the reduced depth of field, so the background turns into a canvas of color.

I haven’t forgotten about Gus, but he’s been staying out of the way while Julie gets his medicine.  Although there’s not much of a tussle between us anymore, when the drops are in and I let him go Julie will trot about the room and shake his head.   I think Gus wants to be out of the way of this as much as possible.

Gus can be regal, too.

The medicine looks to be helping the bad eye well enough, and he doesn’t squint.  He does seem to taste it and sneeze a bit, and tear out of the other eye.  Before the vet visit he would scrub at the bad eye with his paw.  He doesn’t do that any more, but does clean the sides of his nose to get rid of the tear tracks.

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3 Responses to Weekender

  1. I don’t blame Gus for getting out of the way, who wants to be hit by a rogue flung eye drop! Hope Julie is all better soon.


  2. digitalgranny says:

    They are looking good and I really like your new header. Have a wonderful T Day.


  3. Anne d says:

    The feline GQ.


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