I just got my new glasses the other day and this is the first evening I’ve really tried to use them.  The are those progressive types and I’m having trouble finding the sweet spot for what I am doing.  It is all fairly strange right now.

Gus is giving you a look at the fluffy tip of his tail.

This angle makes Julie look like a giant.  Well he is a large cat.

Gus is over behind me snoring even as I write.  I can hear him.


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5 Responses to Spectacles

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Gus, you’re adorable! (Julie, too!)


  2. New glasses always drive me crazy until I finally get used to them, usually within a few days. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Julie looks like he’s about to sneeze.
    I love kitty snoring!! Why is it so awful from humans and so cute with kittehs?


  4. Val says:

    Ha Ha! My Gus snores too! Good luck on the new spectacles! I’ve had progressive lens for years now. I was considered pretty young to need them – under 4 0 you know! I love them because I can see close, the computer and far away. One thing that took me awhile to figure out – lower the computer monitor so that your head is straight (not looking up) when you are seeing through the sweet spot. It will save you many neck and back aches.


  5. Kitty tongues, floofy tail tips, giant kitties, and snores! you hit all the highlights today! My Star snores, it’s just too adorable.


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