Days of Progress

Last night around bedtime I heard a little noise outside the door of the kitten room and it was Gus.  I opened the door enough for him to see Davout a few inches apart and both reacted well.  Gus ended up retreating, but there was no hissing.

I need to make time to do some kitten proofing before I let them out freely.  I’ve seen them both take a few tumbles and there’s no sense in having one happen from the highest point in the house if I can avoid it.

Davout is expert at the round-eye wide-eyed look.  I like this shot.

Rhea has been loosening up today – perhaps I finally caught her when she is somewhat tired.  I introduced her to the back of the sofa and she spent quite a bit of time there, once lying down right by my ear.  Both kittens are becoming more willing to hang out next to me when I am in the room.

Julie does this same trick of circling the water dish/fountain to face out at approaching cats.  This did not help Davout as Rhea was curious enough at what he was doing to come right down and see.  She then tried to drink at the same time from the same dish so the two butted heads over the dish.  Davout put up with this pushiness as he usually does.

This was Davout’s haven over the last few days, but Rhea has discovered it now herself.  She did floof up a bit at her reflection the first time.  Then the blinds were found.

When she climbed high enough to tug on the blind cord on the left side, the blinds banged into these shelves on the other side.  Rhea had to go see what was what there.  Getting back was a problem the first time and she fell…onto a mound of carpet below.  She has since learned how to make the turn without falling.  You have to jump sideways at this point to get back.  If you try and go slow,  the sill is too narrow to keep balance.

Look at that tail!

There’s another interesting feature of her fur I just noticed.  Her two color ear (pointing at the door here) is actually three color.  there’s a tiny trickle of white from her white area that forms a wider spot at the back base of the ear.  It is like a little white flower tucked behind the ear.  (You can see a bit of it in the first photo on the left edge of her head).

Twice today Julie came up to the hallway and I let him see the kittens.  The first time he watched and went off.  The second time he saw both and came a bit closer, then hissed and ran off downstairs.  In neither case was he very angry afterward.

Oh and the final test results from the vet visit came back – no problems for either kitten.

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9 Responses to Days of Progress

  1. digitalgranny says:

    They are so sweet and i bet all of your fur kids end up being a happy family.


  2. Awe… Cute little fluffballs! Give them more time and soon they’ll be playing together!



  3. Jo Woolf says:

    That’s good news from the vet. I love Davout’s wide-eyed gaze. Rhea sounds a bit like Purdey – no stone unturned, no corner left unsniffed. I wonder if her eyes will remain that colour? Do you know what colour they will end up? I love the shading on her fur.


    • Oldcat says:

      They might go copper. They might clear up into yellow. Cassie, my dilute tortie had yellow eyes with a ring of bright green next to the pupil. Very striking. Rhea might even be getting that.


  4. Davout appears to be one of those just laid back boys. Rhea is probably going to give you heart burn at some point. 🙂 And it sounds like the adults are at the “it is weird but whatever” stage.


  5. Glad to hear things are going well. Davout and Rhea sure are cute.


  6. Such pretty kitties! Glad things seem to be going well. Ellie


  7. Lurkertype says:

    That photo of them looking out the window had me thinking “IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!”


  8. lol, Lurkertype, I was thinking the same thing!

    Love all the pictures of the kittens, they are so sweet! I was catching up today on posts I’ve missed this week and I wonder if Rhea is teething since she’s biting on everything? Love how patient Devout is. Hope meeting the big boys goes well when that happens fully! and yay for good results from the vet!


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