Little Cats, Big World

Davout’s taste of the world outside the kitten room wasn’t enough for him and he has been eager for another crack at it – he even skipped eating his wet food meal tonight.  The encounters with the other cats haven’t deterred him either.  Strangely, Rhea is a lot more cautious about leaving the room and exploring, which is the opposite of how it was the first days here and exploring the kitten room itself.

So now he launches himself like a rocket when I open up the door.

The first opening went well – the kittens were exploring upstairs on their own, Davout in the lead.  It was hectic when they separated since I wanted to keep an eye on Rhea to see if she was chomping on wires and then find out where Davout was when he called out.

Davout is quite a talker.  He hums and trills to himself, and sometimes stops and calls out to tell everyone what he is up to.

While they were exploring, Julie came upstairs and confronted them with a few hisses. The kittens stood still, and Julie then retreated downstairs again.  Since he wanted to go out, I let him.   After some time exploring, during which Rhea got over her wariness of the water fountain and drank from it, I brought them into the kitten room again.

About a half hour or so later I let them out again and Davout found his way downstairs to meet Gus.  Gus was perfect – no growling or hissing.  He did follow him around at times but if he cornered the kitten he retreated on his own.  Rhea soon followed him down and joined him.

Not the best picture, but Rhea is behind Davout in that box.  At one point Davout and Gus were each on one end of the laundry basket.  I’ve had that particular basket since college, and it has tiny bite marks from every cat and kitten I’ve had on it.

The kittens were not keen to go back into their room.  I had to resort to dragging a wand toy to get them to follow me back.  They were pretty tired out.

I snagged Davout for a purr session on my chest.  The last few times I’ve done this Rhea has heard it and come over and started to purr herself.  She then spoils it by walking around rather than settling down and eventually Davout gets annoyed with it and goes off.

Davout’s explorations are steady walks into all of the rooms and closets he can find.  Rhea’s are a bit more spotty.  She starts out extremely slowly.

But by the end of the session she had classified a lot of the upstairs hallway as safe territory and was thundering up and down from one end to the other at a dead run.  Davout, who seems to keep track of what she is up to in a general way soon gets drawn into following to see what all the fuss is about.

Rhea likes sleeping on the wire top of the cat carrier.  It is one of the few places I’ve seen her actually rest instead of play.

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9 Responses to Little Cats, Big World

  1. There’s something Yoda-like about Davout’s expression. He looks prenaturally wise.


  2. digitalgranny says:

    So much fun and sounds like they are settling in well and the old boys are getting adjusted to their new fur family members.


  3. I got my Leo when he was around 9 months old and he would talk and make a lot of chatter as he snooped around his new home. He would call out to me when he couldn’t see me and I’d either answer or go to him and he’d come running. I kind of miss all his noise, he stopped making it when he was sufficiently settled in, after about three months I guess.
    These two look like they’re settling in quite well and will soon claim the whole house. Between his whiskers and eye brows and her ear floof, I can’t believe people’s heads aren’t exploding from the cute!


  4. nadbugs says:

    Heads *are* exploding!


  5. weggieboy says:

    Your new “children” are so beautiful! I look forward to how they adjust to their new life, and to your photo record of their life with you!


  6. Lurkertype says:

    Davout’s whiskers and Rhea’s ear-furnishings are so cute they might be illegal in some places. EXXXTREEEEMMMME cute.

    I don’t know how you’ll get anything done when the kittens are roaming the whole house all the time, with all that cuteness everywhere to distract you.


    • Oldcat says:

      They wore themselves out this morning giving me a chance. So far the cute is less distracting than the chance they bite a wire or take a tumble or get hit by a big cat…


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