Puzzles and Prizes

wpid-friends-followers-award2I broke out the Puzzle Box for the kittens today and it was quite a hit.  Davout wanted to be interested, but he was put off by Rhea’s frantic scrabbling for the balls inside.  He was able to get a chance to play with the balls ejected while Rhea went in for more.

The HairballExpress blog has given us an award – the Friends and Followers award.  Thank you very much for the honor!

It has been another day of good mixing.  The kittens are blending in well and not getting into too much trouble.  They like finding little hiding places in each room but don’t stay in them for long.

Rhea really liked the puzzle box.  She became expert at getting the little balls out the side.

It sometimes took a closer look to see the best approach to take.

Davout still doesn’t like hearing sounds playing from computers or televisons.  Whenever I played something on YouTube he would hide in the downstairs closet.  He looks like he wants to punch me one, instead of just being in the middle of cleaning a paw.

It is easy to forget how little he is – he seems large compared to Rhea, but he’s about a quarter the size of the big fellows.

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6 Responses to Puzzles and Prizes

  1. Interesting puzzle 😀 Congratulations on your Award. Pawkisses 🙂


  2. How cute! That puzzle box looks awesome!
    You know, when I got Leo, he was scared to death of the TV. He would slink out of the room every time I turned it on. I realized that he’d never seen one before. He’d been a feral kitten then rescued and raised in a cathouse with no tv or internet or anything. Shouldn’t have surprised me. Perhaps Davout was raised in a room with none of that either? it didn’t take Leo that long to get used to it here, I’m sure Davout will get the idea that it’s safe soon. Leo still looks up at the TV, but it no longer scares him.


  3. weggieboy says:

    The kittens have such serious expressions on their faces, just like little students trying to learn their lessons!


  4. kimkiminy says:

    They are so adorable. Love that last pic. Davout has such a darling perma-scowl. He could compete with Grumpy Cat, who I hear is a complete sweetheart. Rhea sure seems to have personality plus.


  5. Adan * Lego says:

    LOVE the photos~!!!!
    so so adorable~!


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