Up and Down

Gus is getting used to the kitlets being around during the evenings.  He watches them some, and goes off to his places to sleep like before some.  The kittens haven’t been annoying him with their play.

What they have been doing is investigating new frontiers in the downstairs rooms.

Davout has been going down – underneath things like the little stool here and the even smaller stand you can see in the background,  That one is only a few inches high.  The two of them got excited about a motorized “mouse fishing” robot toy I have had for years and while chasing it Davout chose the strategy of hiding under that stool.  Here, he is doing the same to get at those price and name tags I still have not removed…

But it is pretty comfy in there for a kitten of his size.

Sunshine AwardAnd also, another award!  This time it is catcalledmorris from the blog “Paws For Thought”

I thank Morris very much for the honor.

I need to give ten facts about us…I’ll start with Davout.

  1. Davout is more skittish with people than Rhea…even with me.  He does relax if you hold him quietly.
  2. He has a thunderously loud purr for a small cat.
  3. He is very gentle most of the time with Rhea when they are play-fighting.
  4. One notable exception is several times I have seen Rhea duck low as if to hunt for a nipple on his tummy to get milk.  He always swats her fairly hard to cut that short.
  5. He is still trying to play with the robot mouse fish toy almost a day after it was turned off.

And five for Rhea Silvia….

  1. She is the more determined climber.  Today alone she got to the top of the bookshelves, the top of two cat trees, and up my leg to the desk I am working on.
  2. The cutest thing I have seen her do is stand up like a prairie dog when listening to a strange sound.
  3. This is more of a Davout trait, but he has the amusing habit of frantically wiping his paws on the side of the box for minutes after using the litter box.  What makes it amusing is that he never touches the sand when doing this, so his poop is uncovered.
  4. Tidy Rhea usually goes in and covers it up for him.
  5. Rhea really wants to get friendly with the older cats.  She often will try and get very close to them to check if they have any objections.  I predict she will win in the end.

She also just dumped my ‘paper basket’ where I put the junk mail flyers for recycling.  She did the same thing, even more messily yesterday and it was funny seeing how appalled Julie was when he came back home and saw the disturbance.

You’d think he was going to have to clean it up himself.

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7 Responses to Up and Down

  1. Congratulations on your award! Love the Gus profile as always, handsome boy!
    Those kittens are far far too cute, they need smooches on their fluffy little heads!


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Congrats on another award! Well done. Love the pic of Davout under the chair, and Rhea is SO beautiful (she looks like she knows she is, too!)


  3. nadbugs says:

    You did us such a great favor with the new camera. Your pictures are a complete delight, not that they weren’t before, but these are off the charts. And as for the new babies — again, exploding head. Complete adorableness. And the idea of Julie horrified was hilarious. Jules: Steady on. Keep coming home. No matter the mess.


  4. What cute little Kittens 🙂 I’m sure I could teach them a thing or two, I have a lot of experience of being a cat even though I am still young I am wiser than my years, but you probably already worked that out! I’m not being big headed I’m just stating fact. Climbing the bookshelves in never something I have tried as it seems too much like hard work and I must admit it is harder for a big cat like me to do these sorts of things. Gus seems like my type of Gentlecat, I think we would make great pals and we would be a very handsome duo! Paw Fives, Morris 🙂


    • Oldcat says:

      From the first landing of the stairs you can go through the bannister, sit on the top of a cat tree and jump sideways to the top of the bookshelf. So it is less climbing than jumping.

      She did get to the other tree top by shinnying up the carpeted post from the bottom.


  5. kimkiminy says:

    Love that pic of Gus; he looks so regal.


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