Fitting In

The kittens are blending into the house very well right now after another evening of being out with the big cats.  They spent most of the evening playing with the robot fishing toy.

I’d decided that this would be the first day I would not close them into their safe room and see what happens.  If they get into trouble and wake me up, it is fine.  Hopefully they will be pretty quiet, they seem to wear down as the evening goes on.

When Julius came in from outside, he first did his usual scan of all the places the kittens had spent time.  I suppose he was looking for damage.  I gave him some food, but soon after I did he gave way and allowed the kittens to eat most of it.  They sure can pack it in.

To get him to relax, I encouraged Julius to leap up to the top of the tree.  It seemed like a good idea for him to watch the kittens move about from above without confrontations.  Rhea had a different idea.

This isn’t going to end well.

He swatted her, and the poor kitten had to hang there looking innocent until I unhooked her and moved her to a lower perch.  Julie wasn’t hostile once he had a little space.

And Rhea wasn’t cowed by the experience.

Big Brother Davout did come trotting up to see what was the matter.  It is nice to see how the two kittens try to look out for each other.

The three sat in a multilevel triangle for a while not very far apart and everyone was relaxed.

After a time the kittens moved off to take over my chair.  For some reason, my other cats almost never sit in this chair or on its arms.

Handsome Davout.

I did a little experimenting to see if I could use some extra LED front light to brighten up the cat’s eyes without flash.  This works, but is a bit too bright for the cats to look into.  It also changes the color to be a bit bluish before I nudge it.

Here’s an example without the light.  What I’d like is the eyes from #1 mixed in with this.

What you can’t see in the photo is that the kittens are about a foot and a half behind and above him, and Julie perhaps three.  Everyone in a little cluster without problems.

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8 Responses to Fitting In

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Gus profile!!!

    I think Miss Rhea is ready to take over, and Julie senses that and wants to try to get her respect while she’s still a tiny puffball. He should know better. What a fearless little kitty she is!


  2. digitalgranny says:

    Sweet babies and nice that the older kitties are adjusting to all of that energy.


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely pics, especially the last one of Gus. I think Davout is just gorgeous! (Rhea too, but Davout’s face… beautiful!)


  4. addercatter says:

    Awwwww!!!! I love them all! =^..^=


  5. kimkiminy says:

    How do you keep a leather chair and cats in the same house without scratching?


    • Oldcat says:

      There is a post next to it and nobody has bothered it for a decade.


    • weggieboy says:

      I think the question becomes one of which do you value more: Your cats or your chair? I’ve pretty much decided you shouldn’t have nice things if you have cats or, at least, complain – as I sometimes find myself doing – if they do what cats do! My cats have several scratching posts throughout the house. They always use these if they are by them and need to scratch, but they also hit a sofa and two leather chairs. Bad boys! (And, I admit, as clueless cat owner.)


    • Oldcat says:

      The cats I have had have had very specific likes and dislikes for scratching. Cassie only liked unfinished wood. Calla loved carpet. Julie likes Sisal. Cardboard is fairly universal, most cats like that. I’m not sure how a cat would form a preference for leather, except at some kinky bar.

      But from what I have seen if you find places they like to scratch, and give them an alternative that is as good or better, they will use it rather than go for furniture you want to preserve.


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