Out of Sorts

It has been a strange day – out of sync.  “Bedtime” last night was less than quiet as the kittens tried out their new freedom and the other cats reacted to that.  So by mid-afternoon everyone was pretty knocked out.

It didn’t start out too badly – I put the kittens in their room with the lights out, and went to bed.  As I read, I could hear little noises and see a kitten walk by every so often.

I was woken up every hour or so by something – usually it was Julie calling out with a mrowl noise.  There was no hissing or fighting.  A few times I got up to make sure he wasn’t blocking a kitten somewhere and being scary, but the kittens were always elsewhere.

At least once Rhea was on my end table.

The morning was more crazy active kittens.  They ran about the house, had breakfast downstairs, played.  I had some errands to run so I couldn’t let Julie out, so he got more irritated with everything.  He crossed paths with Rhea and gave her some smacks, made a pass at Davout, and even hissed at Gus when he ran into him on the way downstairs.

He finally got what he wanted when I returned home.  Then Rhea showed both how smart I was to cover over my stairs, and how dumb I was to stop before the landing by squeezing through and falling about a yard onto some cardboard filer boxes.  I have since covered the bannister a bit farther down just in case.  No harm done except to my nerves.

So by afternoon the game was to find the missing kittens as they would go find a secure corner to sleep in.  Here is Davout back in the kitten room behind the sofa under the shelves.  He can also sleep in either of the two wood boxes beside him.

Rhea’s favorite is the far back corner of my closet.  They each may have an extra secret place I don’t know about.

So the problem today was that when the light was good and the kittens were active, I was tired and busy.  When I had recovered, all the cats are dead tired out and dug into secret corners of the house.

Better boredom than too much excitement, I suppose.

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3 Responses to Out of Sorts

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Those babies are sure keeping you busy.


  2. addercatter says:

    Look at those sharp fangs!!! And all the floof!!! They all look like happy, sleepy kittehs. =^..^=


  3. There’s never a dull moment when there’s kittens in the house!


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