Fun and Games

The kittens are on a strange schedule right now.  They are pretty active at breakfast time and late in the evening and snooze most of the afternoon away.  I hope I can get the stinkers time-shifted or else there will be trouble getting action shots going forward.

I turned on the cat fisher toy and the kittens were really going for it.  Davout especially likes this toy.

While Rhea prefers to bounce around following the mouse, Davout has a secret strategy of hiding under the platform I put the toy on so he can strike from concealment.  It is pretty effective.

When they get worn down they find a corner and curl up.  Davout was cleaning up the top of Rhea’s head.   I think she has been doing some work on him as well – he seems to be missing the whiskers above his right eye.

I sure hope Rhea is over her wire biting phase now that she’s decided to sleep behind the television set.

Davout keeps himself clean too.

Julie has been fairly polite with the kittens except for an incident where Rhea leaped up onto the bed more or less into his face.  He didn’t hiss but gave her a smack or three.

In the morning I had all the cats on the bed until Davout got a little too close to Julie and he hissed and ran off.   During the day he doesn’t seem to be too defensive around the kittens.

Gus Whiskers!  I had to decontrast this one a lot to see his black fur.  Even the new camera isn’t perfect.

Rhea and Davout palling around.  Davout is under the dark brown thing in ambush mode.

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5 Responses to Fun and Games

  1. I love reading about the little guys… They’re so adorable!



  2. Jo Woolf says:

    They’re certainly growing up! Nice to see how they’re developing. Rhea sounds as if she’s a force to be reckoned with!


  3. digitalgranny says:

    They are growing so big and so sweet. Happy the old guys are adjusting to the new little bundles of energy.


  4. Rhea’s got some very impressive ear-floof!


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