Play Day

The kittens were playing with the mouse-fishing toy most of the day and it is almost out of batteries.  One amusing thing is that it responds to the television remote control.  For the evening I brought out the ‘Da Bird’ toy.  This is Davout’s favorite.

When he gets the bird in his mouth, he won’t let go.  At least he’s a little calmer and wasn’t growling when he had it.

When he makes a capture, he started to run off with it until he reached the end of the line.  Then he would tug on the line, trying to get it away.

After a bit he would let it loose and we could start again.

Rhea got some fun with the bird until Davout heard us playing and came out from where he was relaxing.  Davout is too intense in going for the lure and pushes her aside when going for it.  She usually moves aside when he gets too rough and watches wistfully.

I wouldn’t get too worried because she pushes him aside from every other toy in the house.

She bounces back fast.  Nothing gets her down for long.

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5 Responses to Play Day

  1. Your cats are so beautiful and cute… 🙂 xoxo


  2. Oh they are too cute. Star is obsessed with Da Bird too, she hardly lets Leo play with it when she hears it. He gets to play more when she doesn’t notice. They all have their favorites, don’t they?


  3. weggieboy says:

    Gad! I’m suffering an attack of kitten-itis again! Common sense tells me the two I have are enough, but Davout and Rhea remind me just how much fun kittens are! Shame on them for being such cuties!


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