Old Things are New Again

It was another nice day for toys.  I dug up this old enclosed trackball scratcher toy when I saw the kittens going nuts for some balls in a box – to the point of pushing the box halfway across the room.  This morning the kittens were playing with the fisher toy when Gus came up and sat in the circle.  He mostly watched, but did make a few tries to trap the mouse on his own.

When I brought this out, he came up again and even passed the ball back and forth with Rhea a few times.

Julie coming up to see what the action is all about was a little less welcome.  The kittens are a bit wary of face to face meetings due to the hisses in the past.  Rhea often follows him about when he isn’t watching.

He soon moved off, poking his nose at Davout’s tail a few times and making him jump out of range.  I think he thought that was funny as he ‘chased’ Davout across the room.

He turned back and came nearer to Rhea, and she tried to ‘hide’ by making herself small in the corner….

Julie finally went up and sat above the tracker where he could watch the kittens and not spook them.

Davout chipped in, but seemed to prefer lying on the tracker to making the ball move far.

This toy is a hit, even when the kittens are getting a little bit tired.


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3 Responses to Old Things are New Again

  1. I love how Rhea is laying there with her whole arm in the track in the last picture! Adorable! Leo often sits with his paw partly in the track too, like he’s keeping the ball in check even when he’s not playing.


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Rhea’s ear tufts are outrageous (but adorable!) 🙂 Lovely pics.


  3. what fun….and that last picture is adorable!!


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