New Year’s Party

Ok, not really.  Instead we had some serious kitten-napping on a high shelf.  I like this better when the two of them start a fight up there.

Davout did have a little party with the camera strap.  Still the #1 cat toy in existence.

There was a tiny commotion when Julie interpreted my sitting near the door to meaning he could get a free pass outside if he complained loud enough.  The little ones kept away until he gave up in disgust.

He’s getting a bit spoiled with all this time off and getting let out three times or so a day.

I was doing some floor cleaning and Rhea again wins a bravery award.  The vac didn’t make her run at all – she actually watched and toyed with the power cord somewhat.  Davout was a bit more cautious, but did like climbing in and around the furniture piled in the other parts of the room.

Little Rhea had another run in with Julie this morning.  She climbed into bed after I woke up and was sitting there, and after a while Julie sat on the other side.  She jumped down and played for a bit, then decided to jump back up on his side.   This was bad, but then she landed on a stack of books and came up short, pulling a few down with her as she fell.

Julie was startled and hissed at her, and decided to leave.  He must have run into her on the way out, too, since he gave her another.  Oh well, these things blow over soon enough.

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8 Responses to New Year’s Party

  1. They are absolutely precious!!

    (happy new year)!


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    That pic of Davout is priceless! Lovely photos. A very Happy New Year to you all!


  3. They are all so beautiful!! 🙂 HAppy New Year to you!! 😀 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino


  4. weggieboy says:

    A house without cats is a house without chaos! Of course, those of us who chose the life with cats know that’s a part of their charm! This was a delightful start to the New Year!


  5. kimkiminy says:

    OMG, best shot of Davout yet!!
    Love Rhea’s ear tufts.
    Gracie’s not in the least afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but can’t handle the rug sweeper. Nor can she tolerate the sound of the heater. She’ll run to her hiding place even when we get up in the morning, just in anticipation, even if we don’t run the heater. She is so weird.


  6. quirkyartist says:

    You were the ONLY person who replied when I was desperately looking for a himalayan cat about a year ago. It turned out that only the ones with the really squashy faces are available here in Australia. Now I see your Davout and he is EXACTLY the cat I would have chosen. He is like my Yeti mungo! yet in other pictures he hs the face of my Casper (both departed). I even have a very similar ‘vignette’ photo of Yeti Mungo. Those cats have loving hearts. I also think your little girl is extremely beautiful, and I very much admire her ear furniture. I ended up with a very naughty ragdoll kitten called Cosimo Foo the fighter, who is about a year old. I will watch your kittens as they grow with great interest.


    • Oldcat says:

      The breed that Davout and Rhea is called “Napoleon” – it is a mix of munchkin (very short legs) and Persian, but they don’t use the extreme face. Some of the Nap kittens have normal, long legs and that’s what Davout and Rhea are. He’s a chocolate point, a bit lighter than a seal point. It is a pretty new breed, but I just googled it and there are some breeders in Australia.

      I’m glad you found a new kitten to love. For me it was probably just as well that I couldn’t find an exact duplicate in looks. Now there are ways that each kitten reminds me of Calla in some ways, but are different in others. And they remind me of other cats I have known too.

      Davout does have a loving heart even if he is a bit shy, But if I get close enough to pet him he starts purring like a lawnmower at once!


  7. digitalgranny says:

    A hiss or two is bound to happen and sounds like they are all getting along well together.


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