Sight for Sore Eyes

Pretty Rhea is quite a sight, but it is poor Davout that has the sore eyes.

He’s had some tears before, and I have some drops that I’ve used that have helped before. But last night it seemed bad, and now in both eyes so I decided to take him to the vets for a check.  Could he have scratched one in one of his tussles with Rhea?

I’m not sure if Rhea is moping because she couldn’t come along or if she missed her brother.

They did eye checks like Julie had a few months back, looking for damage to the eye.  We didn’t find any, thank goodness.  So now we have to see if the drops help out over the next days.

So far it hasn’t changed his behavior a lot, aside from teary eyes and some crustiness after sleeping.

Sometimes this kind of thing can be a side effect of some infection, but he isn’t showing any signs of that – no fever or anything.  If the drops don’t get rid of it we might have to look at that.

He was very good at the vets.  He doesn’t like too much messing with his head so he was squirmy, but whenever he was left alone he started purring.  This messed up the tech’s attempt to listen to his heartbeat.

He still likes to go for that camera strap first thing, sore eyes or not.


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13 Responses to Sight for Sore Eyes

  1. digitalgranny says:

    sending good vibes in hopes this is something simple and easy to cure.


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Poor Davout! Hope this gets sorted out soon. He does sound very good if he was purring at the vet’s. Love his dip-dyed paws! Rhea is such a bundle of sweetness.


  3. keabdol says:

    it’s adorable cat , so cute


  4. keabdol says:

    otah hilwah marah, very cute cat


  5. Poor little thing, I hope his eyes feel better soon!


  6. weggieboy says:

    I’ve had to give eye drops for several days, twice and three times daily, to my Persian, Dougy, two since I got him. To this day, he gets upset to be held like a baby!

    We had some tussles getting the drops in until I learned the swaddling technique with a bath towel.

    Wrapped securely in a towel, his head was somewhat stabilized, the paws (and claws!) immobilized, and the business of giving eye drops took moments instead of many tense minutes!

    I hope you have an easier time with the sweet little Davout! I presume being a kitten will help, but not as much as one thinks…!


    • Oldcat says:

      Being a kitten makes them weaker, but they can wiggle more in any available space. The main issue is that the trust is a bit less – the older cats often let you do more for longer because they know you.

      So far I put him on my chest, paws down and try and get his eyes upward, pry one open and drop in with the other hand. It hasn’t been too bad.


  7. kimkiminy says:

    Poor baby! I hope the drops do the trick.


    • Oldcat says:

      I know it is early, but he looks improved this morning, and the medical drops themselves give some mess around the eyes. The irritated pink color is reduced. Looks good so far!


  8. Poor thing! At least he’s in good spirits, going for the camera strap and all. Speedy healing!


  9. Poor Davout. I hope he feels better. I hate my human wiping my eyes so I know how he feels. Purrs and tunas to him!


  10. Poor Davout. I hope he feels better. I hate my human wiping my eyes so I know how he feels. Purrs and tunas to him!


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