Nooks and Naps

The kittens have made it their business to find every kitten-sized sleeping nook for naps, especially afternoon naps.  It isn’t that they are very afraid of the big cats – they pop out for play or meals, and sometimes sleep out in the open.  Kittens just like cubbyholes a bit more than adult cats like them…and adult cats like these spots themselves very well.

This nook is in my camp desk in the living room behind the portable.  I’ve seen Julius cram himself in there a few times.

Gus was interested in this fisher toy…then he realized Rhea was under it.

Behind the TV is a spot both kittens like.  He’s coming out after a long nap.  The drops seem to be helping with the eye irritation and tearing.  He’s no fan of the application process still.  So good so far.

Despite that, he came up to me on his own after the evening drops and got some lovin’.  He is skittish when you come after him, and too reserved to come for pets.  But if you get a hold of him somehow he just loves being held and petted….for a while anyhow.

He was grooming himself in this hideaway box when Rhea came up and demanded grooming.  He’s a nice brother and obliged, but sadly stopped when I came over with the camera.

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4 Responses to Nooks and Naps

  1. I don’t like the camera either… The human annoys me with that infernal thing!!

    (cute little Kitties)!!



  2. digitalgranny says:

    Sweet kitties. Happy little boy kitties eyes are getting better with the drops.


  3. These are such cute little kitties. Truffle loves to hide behind the tv, especially when there’s company.


  4. weggieboy says:

    My Persians made excellent dust mops when they were kittens exploring all those spots I missed behind the television and other hidden spots! Only problem was how do you shake out the dust their hair collected. LOL!


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