Old Grump

Grumpy Julius

Julie was on bad behavior part of the day, as he felt he was being deprived of being outside. I’m used to him complaining and dashing to the door.  The problem was that if he crossed paths with a kitten, he would hiss or swat at it…most often Rhea.

Box Girl

It would have been safer for her to spend that time up here instead of near the door Julie wanted to go out through.

Happy Davout

Davout continues to look better with the eyedrops.  I’m trying to make it so that eyedrop time is more pleasant so it won’t be as hard to catch him for application.


There was a silly face competition…who wins?  Gus…

Funny Face Rhea

…or Rhea?

About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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7 Responses to Old Grump

  1. Reblogged this on Reflections of a Shaddow and commented:
    Beautiful cat!


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Gus wins! 🙂 Is Rhea doing an impression of Julie, the cheeky girl?


  3. addercatter says:

    Gus!!! =^..^= glad Davout is doing better!


  4. Glad to hear the eye drops are starting to work.


  5. digitalgranny says:

    Oh Gus wins hands down. Rhea is more adorable looking. Happy to hear the drops are working on those sweet little eyes.


  6. I love them all… Bit I think Rhea made the cutest face!! (trills)!


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