Eyes Have It

Davout’s eyes continue to improve – almost all of the stuff you see here is from the medicated drops and not from his own tears.

Julie doesn’t have any issues, lucky fellow.  Gus had another ‘attack’ by me and the clippers trying to reduce the bulk of his fur.  He hates that, but I need to get it short enough that it doesn’t keep matting.  Or I have to have him shaved down.  I’ll try to just chop some day by day.

One thing that was really worrying last night is that Rhea came down with a really bad eye herself.  I don’t know if she got poked or scratched, but I cleared out as much as I could and used the drops on the chance she has the same thing as Davout.  I think the vet said that if it were a scratch use of these drops for long isn’t a good idea.

I didn’t see much sign of pinkness in the margins like Davout had, just a lot of eye watering and goop.

I did get a bit of stuff that seemed hard like a grain of sand out which might be the irritant the first night.  She has had a little bit of weeping today, otherwise she’s been acting normal for her – pestering her brother, then being sweet alternately.  She came around to supervise when I was cutting Gus’ hair, not that he appreciated that.

The hurt eye is on the left – the grey side of her face.  It isn’t too bad, but since I have to talk to the vet about Davout I can talk to her about Rhea too.

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3 Responses to Eyes Have It

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Poor little girl! I hope it’s nothing too serious. Glad to know Davout’s eyes are improving.


  2. Oh my goodness! You kittens must be more careful! Poor little things! And poor Gus with the mats. I have to get some out of Leo’s armpit before they get bad.. Luckily that seems to be the only place he gets them. Unluckily, he hates being messed with!


  3. addercatter says:

    Awww… All that floof!!! How do you get anything done? I would be so mesmerized by floof that I would be snuggling them all the time!


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