Lazy Sunday

At picture time, there were no kitties to be seen.  Julie was outside, and the only evidence that he was around was the bottom half of a rat on the back patio.  Gus was snoozing in his corner of the bathroom…

Rhea was wedged into her corner behind the television….

And Davout was on top of the high bookshelf snoozing…

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I brought out an old shoestring.  It got some immediate interest.

Once captured, he pulled on it until he had it all under his control.

He was a bit suspicious of the camera watching him with his ‘kill’ so he carried the string down off the shelves and down the stairs all the way across the room.  He’s serious about his string toy.

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6 Responses to Lazy Sunday

  1. Your kats have such happy lives! (purrs)!



  2. digitalgranny says:

    Sweet babies and Davout is very regal looking.


  3. Rhea looks like she was made as a corner sitter, er, sleeper! That is so silly and cute!
    Love Davout and his string! That’s the way Leo feels about his stringies!
    Nice of Julie to leave you a present.. ugh
    And Gus, the sweetie, needs a kiss on that forehead!


  4. addercatter says:

    Aww they are all so purrecious! Gus has the sweetest nose leather ever!!! Addycat loves to play with shoestring too… but her very favorite string is a piece of rainbow colored yarn type silky textured string that is about 3 feet long!


  5. weggieboy says:

    Davout is so cute with his string! I look forward to seeing your kittens each day, and they don’t disappoint!


  6. kimkiminy says:

    The bottom half is the best part. I’m sure he left it for you, terrible hunter that you clearly are. 🙂


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