Sunday Shooting

Stair Guard

Today I was sitting on the stairs taking pictures of Rhea when suddenly I was surrounded!  Rhea was on top, Julie in the middle next to me and Davout on the bottom.

Davout Eyes

Having Julie so close made Davout a little worried, but the lure of the camera strap was too strong…

Rhea Eyes

And Rhea started to look a little worried herself!  It turned into a competition to see who could make the saddest eyes between them.

Julie was very good and no kittens were harmed in the incident.

Camera Strap Killa

When I got up to sit at the desk Davout still needed to go for the camera strap.  It’s a bit hard to get the greatest picture but he’s having fun and purring up a storm.

Smug Davout

This is a bit more in focus.  Talk to the paw!

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7 Responses to Sunday Shooting

  1. Too cute! They are so adorable.


  2. They sure can turn on the sad eyes when they want to, cant they?


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Maybe it’s me, or maybe his face is changing as he grows up, but Davout looks less and less grumpy to me.


  4. LOL That picture of Rhea reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek! Ellie


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