Cat Nap

I took a little rest on the sofa today and found that Rhea had taken up a station on the floor by the foot for a nap.  Gus and Julie used the step-stool to climb up and have a little visit.

Like usual, the appearance of the camera brought out Davout for some combat!

It is hard to tell for sure, as I have not watched a Persian grow up, but there are differences between Napoleons like Rhea and Davout and Persians.  The body is less stocky, and the paws not as big and thick as Calpurnia’s were.  The tail is also longer than Persians…and even long for a regular cat.  I assume this is due to the dilution needed to get the Munchkin genes into the line, but it isn’t a bad change on its own.

Davout always gets his strap!

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4 Responses to Cat Nap

  1. They’re all adorable. I’ve noticed a difference in the silver shaded Persians and the Himmies. Truffle is much more petite with longer legs. However, Brûlée has a golden shaded mom and she more stocky. They’re all beautiful.


  2. digitalgranny says:

    They are adorable as the commenter above has already said.


  3. suzie81 says:

    Your posts always appear on my newsfeed just as I’m waking up. Thank you for giving me a nice start to the day!


  4. I like that Rhea was sleeping out in the open! yay for her!


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