Bad Influence

The kittens are really starting to pay attention to the older cats for reasons other than to stay out of their way.  Normally this would be nothing but goodness…

But lately they have been tagging along after Julie and watching what he does.  Davout especially follows him about.  He has taken up Julie’s habit of waiting to the last to eat food. Rhea has started calling out to Julie when Julie makes noise himself.  She has some lungs.

They should be copying Gus sleeping in the downstairs bathroom between meals!

But as you might remember, Julie’s most annoying habit is climbing on the upstairs railing over the big drop to the main floor.  He then yowls so that I see him balancing.  Yesterday he also tried to work a way around the cardboard ‘kitten barriers’ on the rails to go stand on the bathroom door.   He failed in that, but both kittens were watching him with interest.

So I don’t know that I was totally shocked when I heard a scrabbling noise and looked up to see Davout plummet down to the tile floor from upstairs.

Yes, he’s fine.

I tried to get hold of him to investigate him for injury, but he kept running away.  This, of course, is a good indication that he was not hurt.   I finally got him and prodded his legs and bones and found no hurt.

I’m not sure if he was trying to jump to the top rail like Julie, or climbed up and over the kitten wall and fell.  Little goof.

He’s been rushing about with Rhea since then so no worries…except what Julie will get them into next.  Smoking cigarettes?

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8 Responses to Bad Influence

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Little rascals! I am glad Davout is OK. Their Uncle Julie should be teaching them to be polite and dignified, not daring and rebellious! Is their Uncle Gus OK, by the way? Or is that just the photo?


  2. nadbugs says:

    They’ll want the keys to the motorcycle next.


  3. weggieboy says:

    Well, kittens will get into mischief!


  4. Let’s hope Jullie doesnt teach them wall jumping once they get outside! Come on Julie, be a good example! lol! Kittens are pretty tough, but boy, they have fluff for brains! Silly Davout!


  5. yep – up to no good with lots of experience to follow. 🙂 Love that first picture – expert ears of annoyance


  6. digitalgranny says:

    Oh my Julie is on a roll teaching the youngsters bad habits.


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