Kitten Cabinets

The kittens had a worrying little adventure last night, both vanishing from sight from late evening until past bedtime.  I couldn’t find them in their usual hangouts and they didn’t come out when I went to bed.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep, waking up at odd hours with a new place to check without finding them.

Early this morning I was doing another search and this time Julie was coming along with me looking too.  I finally remembered that I opened a cabinet the night before to put a pot away.   Soon after I opened it up first Davout, and then Rhea came hesitantly out.

I’m not sure they knew how to get out on their own, but they weren’t scared yet either.

Also they did play some, but have been a bit sleepy and mild today compared to a normal day, so they might have been a little worried in the cabinet as I was outside of it.

The cabinets push out and don’t have a catch – the older cats sometimes have opened them up to have a look or find a quiet dark corner on their own.  But the little ones probably don’t know that yet.

I turned on the fisher toy and let Davout play with the camera strap tonight.  There was more watching from afar and a lot less crazy running about even a day later.  I’m sure they will bounce back soon.

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9 Responses to Kitten Cabinets

  1. addercatter says:

    It’s funny how they both got in there without you noticing! Addycat opens cabinet doors and goes inside to check things out a lot. I guess it’s the perfect dark, quiet kitty sized hiding spot!


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Naughty little kitty cats! Hopefully they will have learned their lesson!


  3. Charles Huss says:

    I know all about cats getting into cabinets. Curious little buggers, aren’t they?


  4. Aw, poor babies. I’m sure they’ll be back to running around like crazy kittens soon. They are going to have to learn to meow loud for attention!


  5. weggieboy says:

    Had to laugh! One of mine is notoriously interested in cabinets and drawers, but hasn’t quite worked out the lazy susan cabinet in the corner yet, probably the easiest of all to open if you push against it. (Andy has “pull” down to a tee!)


  6. Poor little things but oh my, how cats and kittens just love cupboards.


  7. kimkiminy says:

    I love how cats react to being accidentally locked up, which is that they usually settle in for a nice nap. It’s not until hours later they may start meowing or scratching.


    • Oldcat says:

      They might have done that if I had not found them before breakfast time but it was still before then when I opened up the door and they poked their heads out one at a time.


  8. Anne Daigle says:

    We had a litter of five kittens once. When they were about 5 weeks old we could not find them. Turns out t hey had found their way inside the arm of our second hand sofa. All clumped up asleep. That sofa arm became their favorite hang out when they were not at the milk bar or the food bowl.


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