Sleeping Around

Rhea was in “sleepy explorer” mode this evening…she was active enough to move around and discover things, but would tuck herself into likely nap spots for a little rest.  And I have lots of things stuck in out of the way spots to use.

Davout is a bit less of an explorer.

A few minutes later she had changed to inside a large deep basket I use for throwing waste paper into.

Julius was resting near me when I was playing with the kittens

The lure of the camera strap was enough to overcome the caution induced by a nearby big cat.

…But Rhea took a seat in a box up on its side.

Stretchy Davout

Eventually Davout got too tired to stand up and pawed for the strap lying down.

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2 Responses to Sleeping Around

  1. Oh that lay down playing… lazy and adorable! hi Julie! Good to see you inside and looking cute!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    AW! Kitty in a paper bin!


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