Tugs of War

I saw this cute little cat song on the Cheezburger site today:

Recently the kittens have been self-energizing, rushing about and jumping into and out of the shipping boxes I have.  Today they seemed uninterested so I broke out the “Da Bird” toy for them.

Davout is over his growling stage, but still can put up a good run and pull when he grabs hold of the lure….

He’s wild and energetic, but Rhea isn’t going to let him get all the action himself.

And she can pull back and run with the lure just like he can!

Actually, Davout is very nice about sharing time with her…but when it is his turn he does tend to leap high and fall on top of any kitten in range.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Davout is pretty handy with his paws.  When he first came here, I often saw him use the bottom of a paw to catch and redirect a wayward piece of cat food back into his mouth.

But today he spent quite some time being a big old Bear cat.

He stayed up there crouching on two legs, swatting and grabbing at the feathers.  After he couldn’t stay up he spent the longest time punching at the lure with one paw, then the other, very fast.


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2 Responses to Tugs of War

  1. Loved that video!
    Oh my gosh, the Da Bird action is awesome! Star has fast paws and catches that thing on the first flip then she holds on and tugs like Davout! Leo is slower of paw and just bats wildly at the air after the thing passes. I love that they all have their own way of doing things. Davout’s squat and bat is too cute! You can almost hear the crunch when Rhea has it in her mouth!

    I love that you still have my summer fundraiser banner up, but I wonder if you would feel like changing it to the Spread the Love one that’s going on now? I very much apprciate you having it there advertizing for us and Winnie’s Wish! Thank you so much!


  2. Connie says:

    Those are two mighty hungers!


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