Weekend Warriors

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I have some more photos from yesterday’s session with the kittens but first Andrea from Celestial Kitties blog is hosting a new fundraiser for the Winnie’s Wishes foster shelter.  You donate some money and she sends you some homemade cat toys.  The image in the margin takes you to the exact post with the details.

Of course, if you really want to help, you can even adopt one of the cats from the shelter and open up space for more!

There was another item of interest I ran into on the internet today.  I was looking up “Napoleon Cats” just to see what information was available out on the web when I clicked on the “Google Images” button.  And look what I saw!

A Sister of Rhea Silvia?

No that isn’t Rhea Silvia…for one thing the orange forehead is on the wrong side!  But it is from the same cattery, so there must be a relation.  The ear tufts tell you that.  Notice also that this kitten seems to be a “Standard” kitten, with the short legs, while Rhea is not.

From the look of yesterday’s shots, you might think Davout hardly got to play with the “Da Bird” toy.  These pictures show that he got his share and more.  At one point I tried to hold him back while letting Rhea jump for the lure…it worked but that left no hand for pictures. Rhea vaulted so high she collided with the head rest of the desk chair before falling down. The kittens don’t worry about landing on their feet so I feel bad about making them crash too many times.

Julie has been very insistent today about rail balancing.  I finally resorted to a cruel trick and open the back door for him.  Then when he jumps from the rail to run downstairs, I shut the door and don’t let him out.  Sure it’s mean, but he needs to cut down on that game.

Davout seems to be puzzled about why Rhea looks so tiny in this picture!  It took me a while to figure out the optical illusion.

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9 Responses to Weekend Warriors

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Oh that sweet kitty does resemble Rhea. Love that last photo that makes little girl look so much smaller than Davout.
    Hope Julie gives up railing balancing soon.


  2. That ‘mirror Rhea’ is cute, but Rhea is cuter! Her ear floof is epic!
    I have no doubt Davout got his share of Da Bird, it looked to me like he was quite posessive of it!
    Julie is trying to give you a heart attack perhaps? Or he’s figuring that one of these times he’ll get out that door before you shut it? A better vantage point for watching the kitten antics?
    Curious, does Gus have any interest in Da Bird?
    Thank you so much for the plug for the FUNdraiser!


    • Oldcat says:

      I think Gus is still traumatized by the Blue Jays that use to live right outside the back door and would dive-bomb them to warm up to daBird.

      I don’t think Julie is trying to get outside by walking on the rail, he bangs on the door. He’s just demonstrating that he’s bored. The kitten guards on the rails may also have attracted his notice.


  3. nadbugs says:

    Just looking at the DaBird attachment of string-to-wand gives me chills. I wouldn’t have it in the house ever again — but I am glad to see your kids like it. You know, right? http://catself.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/barneys-foreign-body/


  4. kimkiminy says:

    Are the boys still going outside?


    • Oldcat says:

      Yes, they do – Julie a lot, Gus a little. I’ve been putting off introducing the kittens to the outside because the weather has been iffy.and I’ve had a periodic cold to shake, and the kittens have had their own issues. This week’s excuse is that my heating isn’t working so I am hoarding solar heating for the nights.

      Note to people with real winters – it only drops to the mid 60s inside on one of these ‘cold’ nights, so this isn’t life threatening.


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