Bestest blogaward

Marshal Davout seems to be totally astonished this evening.  It turns out that the lovely Andrea from the blog Celestial Kitties have given us a new award…the Best Blog Around the World Award!

Thank you very much!  I really appreciate it!

If you didn’t notice, today I tried shoestring distraction to keep the kittens, especially Davout, from zeroing in too much on the camera strap.  I got some nice shots!

But you don’t always have to use strings to get their attention….

This is about the craziest of all the crazy whisker Davout pictures.  It looks like he has a Daddy Long Legs spider in front of his face!

Rhea also has very long whiskers, although you usually don’t notice them as they do not curl so crazily and blend into her white fur.

The lack of furnace goes on – yesterday’s overcast and rain didn’t contribute much heat so it got pretty cool here this morning.  This has led to an increase in cats showing up as I wake up   Julie is the most dedicated sitter, usually down by a leg.  Some days Rhea as slept on the other side also down by the leg until he leaves, then she sits on my shoulder or chest.  One morning even Davout came up – he’s so far been the shyest but he’s easy to tell since he starts purring very loudly.  Gus wants to sit in the space between my arm and body with his front feet on my shoulder.   He’s a loud purrer too.  He doesn’t stay too long, though.

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3 Responses to Astonishment!

  1. digitalgranny says:

    What a wonderful way to wake up, with all of that love com in your way.
    Hope you get that furnace up and working soon so you can stay warm.


  2. Wooohaaa, they are sooo cute!!!


  3. Davout does look astonished! LIke he’s shocked he got that string, MOL Congratulations on your award! We do love your blog!
    Davout may have the wild whiskers, but Rhea has the fabulous ear floof!
    it must be wonderful to wake up with four kitties in various places around your bed, all that fur and purr!


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