Not So Fast

The Furnace Repair didn’t last long.  This morning it stuck off again and I had to have a second visit.  Luckily it was fairly warm and sunny today so the house temperature is still comfortable.

Julius went under the bed, but did come down and peer around the stair corner at the tech when he was sitting at the base of the stairs doing the paperwork.  Sitting still helped out a lot, as all the cats were in evidence peeking at him then.

Davout hid out downstairs, but did peek around the corner at him sitting on the stair step.

Gus stayed downstairs and did not run and hide at all.

Rhea was Miss Hospitality once again.  This time she watched the operation even closer…she was in the doorway of the bathroom a few feet away.  If the tech stuck a hand out she would fade back a step, but return if he pulled back.

When he sat on the step, she came down and sat on the step right next to him.

They are going to replace the part that is sticking, but have to order it.  There might be a cool night or two ahead for us…or it might unstick if we are lucky.

I was playing with Davout and a mouse and Julie came up to give him a sniff on the hip to be friendly.  People were wondering if they are getting along better.  It is hard to say – Julie tends to go his own way.  Davout does seem to have a bit of hero worship and often will tag along after Julie if he is doing something to see what he is up to.

I hope this doesn’t extend to jumping the fence when they finally get to visit the back yard.

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3 Responses to Not So Fast

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Brrr, hope you get this fixed soon! Lovely pics. Rhea is a calendar girl!


  2. Oh my gosh, I hope they get your furnace right soon! Ours gets stuck a lot, but just the blower gets stuck on, we give it a whap and it shuts off. It’s a pain, but we can deal with it. Greg has to make an adjustment every once in a while to fix that, but what a pain when it happens. After the heat is off, it blows cold! Keep warm all of you!!

    Rhea is the girl, of course it’s going to be her that wants to be the hostess, MOL! I hope Davout doesnt follow Julie over the fence either! But it’s cute that he’s got some hero worship going on!


  3. digitalgranny says:

    Love the photos of the old fellas getting to know the new kids. Hope your furnace stays working and keeps you warm and snug til the new part gets there.


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