Berry Box Kittens

The cute picture of the day award goes to this – the two kittens arranged neatly in a single flat pack box.

It was actually warmish and sunny today so I opened up the back door for a little bit.  Rhea stood at the entry for a bit, and Davout seemed almost scared.  I picked Rhea up and gave her a little tour of the yard for a minute and then shut the door again.  I opened up the windows and they did spend some time looking outside during the afternoon.

She has such an ultra-concerned look here!

I don’t want them so scared of the outside that they panic if they get out, but I don’t want them bolting for the door either.  There’s plenty of time.

Once the door was shut, Davout wasn’t averse to hanging out near the open window.

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3 Responses to Berry Box Kittens

  1. digitalgranny says:

    They are growing and are such beautiful kitties.


  2. Connie says:

    So much entertainment in whiffing at the windows anyway 🙂


  3. “only the finest” on that box, sounds right!


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