Ladies’ Night

I didn’t set out to only have pictures of Rhea today, but Davout was trying to ambush the camera strap from the side so it was hard to get a good angle.  He did ram into the side of the camera a time or two.

I plopped Rhea into this cat bed and she’s giving me this look like I’m insane….

THIS is what a cat bed is for!

What’s Davout doing over there?

I pushed this cat toy under this hanging cat bed which led the kittens to discover this new hiding spot.

Hey!  Davout is over there pulling out all the stuff from this toy!

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2 Responses to Ladies’ Night

  1. The look on her face in that cat bed is priceless! She almost looks like she’s curling her lip! Which might just be because of the way she’s getting her big teeth and losing her baby ones, but still, adorable! Love her huge round eyes!


  2. kimkiminy says:

    That second photo? Funniest expression yet.


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